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HIGH: 00000
AICHAIN Ecological Chain
Data provider
  • Digital asset of anchor

    Physical characteristics, personality favor, interactive style, audio and video data, etc.

  • Digital asset of vocational consultant

    Working experience, job recommendation, recommended verbal trick, talent resources, etc.

  • Digital asset of tutor

    Textbooks resources, teaching style, teaching experience, teaching method, etc.

  • Digital asset of editor

    Number of manuscripts, vocabulary corpus, writing tonality, skilled type, etc.

Resource consumer:
  • Exclusive virtual anchor

    Digital asset of anchor, virtual anchor robot, server

  • Intelligent vocational consultant

    Digital asset of vocational consultant, intelligent robot of vocational consultant, server

  • Intelligent tutor

    Digital asset of tutor, intelligent tutor robot, server

  • Automatic editor

    Digital asset of editor, automatic editor robot, server

  • Virtual anchor robot

    Virtual 3D module, semantic analysis module, talent planning module

  • Intelligent robot of vocational consultant

    3D panorama module, professional planning module

  • Intelligent tutor robot

    Holographic image module, teaching instruction module

  • Automatic editor robot

    Industry research module, editor integration module

  • A digital asset exchange is an encrypted platform on which data providers and users can freely share and acquire digital assets, and through which their value can be circulated and converted to fiat currency.

  • AICHAIN’s encrypted digital currency, circulated and traded on a DAE platform.

  • Miner:

    A member of the block chain infrastructure, who can earn digital tokens in exchange for contributing computing power to the block chain

  • Miner`s value:

    Based on the computing power, the transaction data in the block chain platform is recorded and stored on a hard drive, for the purposes of intelligent bookkeeping, intelligent smart contracts and so on.

AICHAIN'S Core Advantage