Personal introduction
Mr.Chen Jianwen
Mr.Chen Jianwen is PhD of THU Electronic Engineering, post doctor of UCLA Electronic Engineering, visiting scholar of Harvard Visual Research Center, senior member of IEEE, selected professor of “Thousand Youth Talents Plan”, doctoral supervisor of UESTC Visual Intelligence Research Center, and Founder&Chairman of Easy AI. Dr. Chen has more than 100 professional works and 80 core patents in the field of video processing and intelligent interaction. He is also the drafter of many international standards. Dr. Chen has more than 15 years of research experience in intelligent interaction technology. Through the optimization and training of deep learning in the aspects of video intelligent interaction, emotional perception, and virtual character reconstruction, he created the intelligent interactive product Easy AI, which can be effectively used in medical, education, human resources, marketing, intelligent transportation, etc.
Main responsibilities
Dr. Chen provided AICHAIN with overall consulting services and strategic support in the finalization of artificial intelligence applications.