Personal introduction
Dr. Wang Wenyi
Ph.D. and Master in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science of University of Ottawa, Canada, and bachelor of Wu Han University, China. Dr. Wang previously worked as an assistant researcher at the University of Ottawa and his research involved data mining, arti cial intelligence, and algorithm optimization. His research is focus on the three aspects: 1. the efficient color representation models in digital color images and videos. The derivation of color representation model aims to find an effective and compact way to represent the color images/video with high visual quality and small data size; 2.The color spill suppression method used in matting problems. The color spill problem is often caused by the limited camera resolution and the background light reflection, which introduces the artifacts in image composition. The color spill suppression aims to remove the color spill and enhance the quality of the composited images/videos.3.The solution for alpha matting problems. By solving a set of under constrained equations, they are able to accurately and finely segment the foreground objects from the complex background, which is also referred to as alpha matting problem. The alpha matting algorithms are regarded as the most accurate image segmentation method and it has become to one essential tool in image/video editing.
Main responsibilities
Dr. Wang is responsible for the construction and optimization of the AICHAIN artificial intelligence algorithm.