Personal introduction
Dr. Jia Huixing
Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering from Tsinghua University, former employee of Microsoft Research Asia and Agilent, leading the development of multiple intelligent transportation and image recognition products. Has more than 10 years of research and industry experience in artificial intelligence. He worked for Microsoft Research Asia, engaged in research and development of image and video retrieval. He previously worked for Agilent Technologies and has led the development of several intelligent transportation and image recognition products that are currently Agilent's flagship products in the transportation and image recognition industries. 8 years of pattern recognition and image processing research and product development experience. The fast target detection algorithm based on HOG + CART + Adaboost tandem model proposed by Dr. Jia during the research period is the fastest algorithm for detecting performance and detection speed. It has been successfully applied to the European EADS intelligent surveillance video analysis system and Ping An Video Company Product. Additionally, the smart car detection and tracking algorithm for obstacles integrated with radar and video developed by him has been authorized to Japan's Omron Corporation, a Fortune 500 company, and it is the core technology of the world’s current high-end automotive auto-collision avoidance system
Main responsibilities
Dr. Jia is responsible for the research and development of AICHAIN artificial intelligence image and video products.