Personal introduction
Stephen Huntsman
Stephen Huntsman is experienced in world diplomacy, trans-media, technology & natural products-wellness industries. He has spent a lifetime and enjoys respect with family ambassadorial relations and associations with world-class individuals, celebrities, companies, Olympians and acclaimed professionals, world dignitaries and high-ranking government officials. Stephen has extensive and intimate Government-Business relations internationally with focus on Asia and is well known as a multi-generational "Friend of China", expert facilitator, commodities partner and humanitarian. Stephen's activities include vibrant healthy consumptions, in-line skating, Qigong and Yoga by the Ocean surf energy. As a student of Mandarin & Confucius, private pilots license is on the list as well. As an epic wellness & unity consciousness lifestyle eco-preneuer, reform in health-care and currency remain paramount issues that Stephen supports wholeheartedly. In recent years Stephen also became a well versed entrepreneur in crypto assets, trading and an activist for disruptive technologies. Co- Founder and President of Production China-US-Cultural Fund; Partner / Director of GuanXi America-Asia; Board of Directors of the Supreme Science Qigong Foundation; Advisor of SIAS International University Innovation Center; Vice President / Producer / Host of Sky & Earth TV Corporation; Special Advisor to The Venus Project as well as Sunsnest, both are leading global eco-friendly sustainable health & wellness living developments; Honorary Co-Chair of Los Angeles Art Association.
Main responsibilities
Mr. Stephen, Huntsman joins AICHAIN with a real AI scenario and will also bring AICHAIN more opportunities for AI cooperation in the future.