Personal introduction
Professor Dong Le
Professor at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chair Woman of ACM SIGAI CHINA, Chief Secretary of VALSE. Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering from Queen Mary University of London, Bachelor, and Master in Telecommunication and Information System from Xidian University. Devoted to multimedia and computer vision research. Leads and promotes international organizations in the areas of AI. Received a couple of patents in the area of AI. Published multiple articles in international conferences and journals (JCR II and above). Hosted a number of National Natural Science Foundation projects. Received the Best Report Award for the 10th ACM International Internet of Things and Cloud Computing Symposium in 2015. The summit chairman of ACM Turing 50-year China Artificial Intelligence Grand Meeting. A guest speaker of 2017 iWorld Digital World International Forum hosted by IDG. Guest host of the Artificial Intelligence Frontier Summit Forum. Chairman of 2018 China Turing Congress Industrial Liaison Committee. Received The EXCELLENT ACM CHINA LECTURER AWARD and ACM 2017 OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION AWARD.
Main responsibilities
Professor Dong provides an advisory service to AICHAIN in the direction of artificial intelligence.